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continuing the thread [1] and taking account that we are on June 1st, there are three months and a half for the due date to join SFC organization.

I don’t want to reach the due date in a hurry and prepare a poor presentation. We need to start now to prepare the form and collect the needed information to success it.

Anyone to join on this?

[1] … d=28878138

About david’s introduction letter for the sfc :

Synfig Studio is a 2D vector animation software.
I think synfig, is not just vector animation ; interpolation concept is missing… to make the difference with frame by frame animation software …

Maybe in the letter, talking about the current and functional structure : tuxfamill / sourceforge / personnal server …

Is the synfig community growing ? (wiki-forum-dwnld stats …) yes i suppose, and it can be very interesting to mention it, and the rate of growing, and something about future estimation … why synfig need an umbrella? to canalize the rain of new people involved (using, coding, asking, translating… ) in the project.

About future dev, i think for this kind of structure could be very useful to join a dev roadmap, with some estimated time (with and without umbrella / donations) and future version plan.

Does synfig have any press release ??? could be good the mention it also.

A word about the documentation… because, what is a soft without the doc ? just a “pleasure” for the coders?
As synfig have already a quite good and internationalized doc, I think i’ts important to say something about that … even the gimp have less languages choices for the doc !!! : 10 languages as synfig have 11 … ok… it’s not fully full in each language …

Just that… in fact


Thank you d.j.a.y.

I’ve kept the letter quite brief as this is just an introduction, we will provide much more details later.

How do you mean interpolation concept is missing? I use it all the time. True that the animation is scalable in time but Synfig does have a framed timeline which is used in the animation so traditional fbf animation is still a large part of Synfig.
Can be mentioned in the letter though.

I’ve avoided to mention anything about the infrastructure to keep it brief. Perhaps I could mention that it is fragmented and spread around different servers and services.

I haven’t dug into the rate of growing (which I’m sure is steadily upwards) but perhaps it would be interesting to mention.

I used the umbrella analogy as SFC is an umbrella organisation with many f/loss projects under it’s wings.

Thanks for your input!

Interpolation concept is missing in the letter :slight_smile: … and the synfig one is powerfulll cause math’able !

yep umbrella… could be usefulll against the sunray also …
but is synfig really a raytracer?