Snapping doesn't seem to be working

Hi there,

I’ve recently started using Synfig for a project of mine, the open xml file format is very useful to me.

Anyway, I noticed that Synfig has a “snap to grid” feature, but unfortunately although I have “Show grid” and “Snap to grid” enabled, when I move vertices of a spline they don’t snap to the grid.

Is the snapping used for some other type of object/operation, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Your intuition is definitely correct, vertices of all kind should snap to the grid.
Depending on how far you are zoomed in the snapping becomes more or less pronounced and if you are moving the mouse very quickly the points prefer to follow your mouse. So be sure to not work too fast. :wink:

I quickly tested both the latest stable and development version under linux which both worked fine.
So if you are certain that it really doesn’t work for you, it could be because of an issue on another operating system.

In that case:
Would you mind sharing with us which version of synfig on which operating system you are using?

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Thanks for the reply. It seems that the problem is in fact related to the speed of the mouse, but also the “Image Span” in the canvas properties. I had a value of around 40, and only if I moved the mouse really, really slowly I could see the snap. However with an image span of about 10, it works as I would expect.

Luckily I don’t really need for the image to be that big, so it should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

After further testing, even with an image span value of 27, the snap is very “weak”. Is there any way to make it “stronger”?