Snap version vs latest version?

I was using the latest appimage 1.3.16 and decided to try the snap synfig install. The snap version is 1.5? Strange… but I continued and I got a warning saying that opening my 1.3.16 file and saving it in this new version will brake the compatibility of the file with the old 1.3.16 appimage application. I was assuming they were the same version.

Anyway will the snap version always be latest version? and I can skip downloading appimages? Because I was assuming once again the snap would just have a stable version.

I tried installing the snap version and had trouble, it was pretty clunky. So I installed Synfig throuh Synaptic and everything worked perfectly.

Sorry this doesn’t answer your original question, but I can definitely recommend the easy synaptic install.

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The synaptic has yet another version 1.2.2? I usually just use the latest version as it fixed a lot of the crashing for me. I am just confused about all the versions, the snap version seems to work fine but for some reason the .appimage launches a lot slower in Ubuntu 20.04 than it did in 18.04 and I was thinking of switching to the snap … but I am confused by the version and the warning message.

I think the snap version is a preliminary test version for snap packaging, we didn’t reach 1.4.0 yet :stuck_out_tongue:
And maybe it takes more time under 20.04 because of different libs versions… :exploding_head:

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Hi! We updated AppImages. Please check updated builds:

P.S. Snap is also updated - 1.4.0 now on stable channel.

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Thank you for the Snap :hugs:

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