Smooth Move Tool seems to act as a transform tool

Hi there,

Complete newbie here, looking forward to playing with Synfig.

I draw a rectangle and can use the smootMove tool. However, I seem to do something that changes its action into that of the transform tool - i.e. it resizes shapes rather than move them about.

I suspect it is just me misunderstanding something - any advice would be appreciated.

Just in case it is required, I have tried this on two different Windows 7 machine with the same results. I m running Synfig Studio 0.62.02. I have also attached the file I am playting with.

Thanks for your help

Blocks.sifz (580 Bytes)

Hi Mo,
Smooth move acts in this context:
Once the layer(s) are selected you have to highlight the ducks you want the Smooth Move want to affect. That can be done by dragging a rectangle around the ducks or CTRL left click them individually one by one to highlight the desired ones. Once highlighted just pick one of them and drag and the rest would follow it “elastically” within the defined radius in the tool panel. It is like a rubber translator of group of ducks.
Normal tool works similar but it would translate them like a solid rigid.

Looking your file I have to give you an advice. Rectangles are always parallel to x/y axis rectangles. It means that although you can rotate its ducks it will stay parallel to the x/y axis but would change its size. To move rectangles you need to select both corners at the same time and use the normal tool or encapsulate them in a paste canvas layer and move the paste canvas layer origin to displace it where ever.

I hope it helps.

Thanks Genete,

I encapsulated them as you suggested and this solved the problem.

Thanks again