slowmotion effect

hi, i am newbbie in this software, i must study alot but … any help ?

Hi rugamagama,
You can achieve slow motion effect very easily in Synfig due to its time independence resolution.
Say you have some stuff you want to slow down form the rest of the animation. Do this:
-Encapsulate the stuff in a Paste Canvas layer. See encapsulate in the wiki.
-Select the Paste Canvas layer and go to its Time Offset parameter.
-Convert the Time Offset parameter to Lineal. Right click ->Convert.
-Expand the converted parameter and set its Rate subparameter to 1 (no offset)
-When you want to slowdown the animation set the Rate to something smaller than 1. In case of you want to speed up the animation set it to something bigger than 1. For example to make it twice fast set it to 2. To make it half fast set it to 0.5.

I hope it helps

Maybe the effect should be renamed to motion effect. (or similar) Since it can be used to either slow or accelerate.

Hi, genete thanks by every thing, but i have some problems: you’ll see,

i can do faster the animation, but no slower. i have several way points but i’m interested to slowdown a section or part about it. i mean :

i have 5 keyframes, well somebody told me that fixate the animation and he was right, so a imported it from other nerw file and ready, but a can not do it slower, i tried with the offset( not rate) and nothing. help please !!!

Can you be more specific? I can’t help if I don’t know what did you do exactly or if you don’t understand any of the steps on my previous post.

same problem with me :frowning:
Anyways thnx genete for such info.

i cant even figure out how to get to the option

What is the confusion? Another way might be to put a key frame at either end of the part you want slowed then “stretch” that part out my moving the key frames apart.

That has to be the simplest.