Skeleton plugin

When I try to open skeleton plugin it show some error. What i do? Help me.

Check if you can run the plugin if:

  • you save the file before; or
  • you can do it with the portable version (maybe synfig is trying to save in a folder without write permission?)

Thank you so much. Plugin runs only after saving the file and not before.

@KonstantinDmitriev @ice0 can you check it?

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I have checked and it works fine on Linux. I guess this is a Windows-only issue.

@Bala BTW, which version of Synfig you are using? :slight_smile:

Version 1.4.2 bro
I am using windows

Bro, some parameters also not work for text layer like weight,style…

Yes, it a known issue. You can try the 1.5.0 development version: it works there :wink:
But notice that is a version in development stage (it will become the next stable: 1.6)

I am eagerly wait for that stable version. I like Espeacialy time track panel and font styles😍.
When will that come?:roll_eyes:

When it become stable XD

Ok, I will take a look.

@KonstantinDmitriev @Bala
I can’t reproduce it on the current master branch, so it looks like it’s already been resolved.
As a temporary solution, try saving the file in a folder with only Latin characters in the name for example c:\projects\test\.


We plan to release development version tomorrow, it should work much like as stable :wink:
Please stay tuned for news on official website - News – Synfig

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Very happy to hear this😍