Skeleton bones duplication


I’ve been breaking through the learning curve of Synfig and LOVING it!! :smiley:
Huge thanks to the dev(s)

However, I’ve encountered a weird event when editing existing bones.
When I try to disconnect a bone from stuff, it creates a duplicate disconnected bone and stays connected (sort of).
When I tried to paste a character (bones and vectors) into a different project, 2 skeletons were created, or something like that. I rotated a bone, and the connected bone was under it.

Is this a bug, or am I doing things the wrong way?

Hello Eliot and welcome here…

Yep, bones feature still need to be improved and polished (Inverse kinematics for example !!!)

So, both of your “weird event” are … bugs that you can report if it’s not already done.

By advance, thank’s … !