Skeleton animation is glitchy.

Before I start, thanks for giving me some of your time by reading this :slight_smile: I appreciate it (english isn’t my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes)

I’m getting into Synfig and up until now I’ve enjoyed it. But as I was working on my first little test project the models just glitch out every time I use skeleton animation. All the points go to weird places, the model doesn’t look like it should and I just don’t understand how to fix this. can somebody help me?

Could be many things. You forgot something in the bone link procedure, or your bone influence was to small when you linked to skeleton or you did not select the right vertex when linking to a certain bone, or you used copies of bodyparts in your design. Attach a sample of the sif file to a post so we can have a look at it.

Doeliewaaje, hello and welcome here.

  • did you take a look to the synfig documentation ? you will found skeleton tutorial
  • can you post share your results (gif / video / …) for having a more precise idea of your problem