Single frame save/export


I have discovered Synfig as I was looking for a solution to design laser animations.
This is awesome work and I will definitely expand my use of it.

One common format for laser animations is ILDA. I have found converters which can transform vector files such as SVG to ILDA.
I know that SVG rendering has beed discussed over and over and I have used the sif2svg stylesheet with some success on static artworks so I’m ok with this.

However, things get complicated with animations as, in my understanding, only keyframes are saved in the sif file, the in-between frames being calculated by the rendering engine. Is there any way to export an animation in single frame sif files ? This way, I could run the sif2svg transformation on static images.


There is not current script to do so. Maybe someone can write up a python script for that ans use the plugins features of Synfig Studio to do that.

Does Synfig provide the objects parameters for the interpolated frames or would the script have to do the interpolation calculations ?

I didn’t know It was possible to translate from sif to svg. I haven’t tried yet, but from your post I see it’s some kind of basic support.

Being said that, I had to point to Inkscape, which has an extension for do a interpolation between 2 paths. I’ve tried a long time ago for a kind of morphing path effect.


Thank you for your suggestion. However, from what I found, the inscape plugin you mention calculates interpolation shapes between two paths in a single artwork/file. What I am trying to produce is a separate file for each step of the interpolation. I am sure this can be done with a script but I consider Synfig a better base for what I am trying to do.

As far as the sif2svg goes, I haven’t pushed it very far as common laser animations remain quite simple.
Note : if you want to use it, you’ll have to correct a typo on line 239. It should be :
<xsl:if test=“param[@name=‘bline’]/bline/@loop = ‘true’”>

You can do this:

  • Group each path in a different group: one path, one group
    -There is an extension that converts one group in one layer
  • In Inkscape 0.91, when you use the “Save as” command, there is an option to save each layer as a separate SVG, all of them packaged in a .tar file.

Thanks for your help. I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to use it.