Simplified version of Vertical Moving Bars by YOW Khemardi

verticalLines.sifz (1.8 KB)
Using only 4 layers

Here’s the original tutorial by @Khemardi , I think we can simplify that with duplicate layers and help reduce our work.


@veermetri05 This is good, thanks for doing this. But what if I wanted varying sizes within a specific column? We can copy the rectangle and change the size, but then we won’t have control over each rectangle to change its size or colour if we needed to. Using the Duplicate Layer is really good, but these are the things that I’m considering

You can get varying sizes of the rectangle by using the random converter on the vertex of rectangle, but if you want within a specific column, then it would be better to just manually animate that specific column and use random for other columns.

As these moving vertical bars are only going to be used in background, I don’t think people will notice about specific columns that have varying sizes of rectangle.

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