Simpler way to animate vertices?

So I made an eye blinking animation and I linked it to a disabled transform layer so that I can just move the transform layer up and down and it would animate wherever I wanted. I think the animation looks pretty good. (graphics courtesy of Here it is in action:

Eye all the way open. Notice the green dot is the transform layer position:

Eye half way closed:

Eye all the way closed:

Here is the final product (you may need to click on it to see the full animation:
Teenage Boy Test Animated Eye.gif

How I accomplished this:

  1. First I created the eyelash region
  2. I duplicated the eyelash region and in the duplicate region and changed the vertices to be in the closed position.
  3. I used a spreadsheet to write down every vertex and tangent for all 6 points on the region.
  4. I then used the formula (endValue - startValue) / (transformLayerStartY/transformLayerEndY). Now I know I wanted the start Y value of the transform layer to be 0 and then I wanted to drag the transform layer down to the bottom of the eye which turned out to be -0.3 so my formula was (endValue - startValue) / -0.3
  5. For every vertex and tangent value I converted them to a range where the minimum is the lowest value of it’s start and end value and maximum is the largest value of it’s start and end value. I did this so if I drag the transform layer too far it won’t look bad.
  6. I made the link of every range an Add where the RHS is a Scale with the link being the transform layer’s exported Y value and the scalar being the result of the formula.

This took me several hours to do. I might be faster now that I’ve done it once but I like the end result.

So after all that… my question is… Is there an easier way to do what I did? I tried bones but the vertices didn’t go the way I wanted which might just be a result of me being a beginner with bones.

Thanks in advance for all your comments!

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Nice result, you like math isn’t it ? …

Thank’s for sharing tour recipe, this could be part of the wiki’s tutorial, in the data linking category.

take a look to it’s talking about blinking eyes :unamused: