Simple rig

This is a simple rigging of a character in cut-out style using only nested layers and the Group Transformation Widget. It does not use bones, exported values or links and as such it should be easy to reuse it and import it into a new scene. To animate go to Sets and double click any joint. This work flow is very easy for cut-out characters without outline but as this example shows also works with outlined figures.

freechar_simple_rig.sifz (91.6 KB)

good work, nice rigged character ! …
I think it’s a great entry for gallery :wink:

One remark, i found it harder/slower to create an animation compare to bones cause of the bones layer always shown for wall character.
With your character take time to found the good transfo widget per member… or i mess something?

Yes. You are right. The downside of this system is that normal groups and their group transformation widgets also show up next to groups that contain joints used for animation. That is why I copied the groups that contain joints you need to animate to “Sets” to get a better overview, but even so, it is better to click on them one by one instead of all together at once, because I admit it becomes a bit cluttered that way. I will be adding different hand, mouth and eye shapes in the form of switch layers to this character and the good thing is that I don’t have to rig them any more. Just put’ m in the right layer and finished. I agree that normal bones are easier, but until I can’t import, copy, reuse or delete bones without messing things up, this method is at least for me the most safest when I want to reuse or change characters.

at least, we already can safely!!! delete bones editing manually the project in text editor … and also reaffect bone hierachy from param panel… :wink:

For the rest of the remark, totally agree… bones need some “polish” (inverse kinematic feature could be awesome… by math linking into synfig ? :open_mouth: )

OHHHH i found a solution … Open the set, and double click [ctrl] on all group in joints set : all group transfo widget are here !!! LEAZY WAY : double click on joints set icon ! ( )


hummm, what do you think about a little group name tooltip appearing when mouse near a group handle ??? (like for width point radius or circle radius )

[size=85]thank for hosting without recode my gif ![/size]

need to clean some stuff and push to master.


Nice! :smiley:

Little update to the character. I added several hand poses to the left and right hand. To change a hand pose: go to Sets. Open HandPoses, double-click either the rightHand or the leftHand switch layer and change the Active Layer Name in the Parameters Panel.

freechar_simple_rig.sifz (155 KB)

Nice, well done! :slight_smile: