Simple mouth animate

mouth practice.sifz (9.6 KB)

Now since lipsync should be done by animating individual frame, I made something to make it easier. Feel free to investigate through the file and use them.

Basic machanism

using add converter, If ‘Mouth height’ gets higher, the upper vertex goes up, and lower vertex goes down. And right and left vertexes’ tangent goes up. Also teeth goes up and down. Almost same thing happens when you change ‘mouth width’. All you need to do is to manipulate the radius handle of the ‘Mouth width’ and ‘Mouth Height’ key by key.

keep in mind that manipulating vertexes with handle does not make proper animation. In other words, you can directly manipulate every handle to make different mouth.

I think this machanism can be applied for almost every mouth animations, even to other types of mouth.