Simple Face Rig

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here’s a simple face rig I did using Synfig:

Simple Face Rig


Wow, that’s impressive, I haven’t made any kind of rig yet . Did you have to make a different picture for each frame and tie it to the control “button” or is there support for that type of functionality if you define a range of movement?

That’s pretty cool.

Hi @varyk. I didn’t have to make a picture for each frame. the shapes are children of their respective controllers, so whenever the controllers move, the shapes also move.

Even with the head turning? Ice been trying to figure out how to animate that efficuently

Yes even with the head turning. The eyes, eyebrows and mouth are masked within the head so whenever they meet and go pass the edge of the face it’s hidden and appears to go around, but in reality it’s actually going to the right it’s just being masked. That’s what happens in the video.

oh, i see, what a great idea. Thanks for explaining, and thanks for posting. I’ll watch it again.

This is among the best rigs I have seen,very nice indeed. how do you make to switches move at the same time with one handle?
thanks for sharing & hope you get time to also share how this was engineered.

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Thanks for your question. All the areas that move together are children of the controller that move them. So it’s the same idea of using group layers to group different objects in the scene. You would use the folder to control all the objects, but you can also go into the folder and control the different shapes individually. But in this case, I use bones with the same concept. Hope that makes it a bit clearer :slight_smile: :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great explanation & thanks.
I will try that out.