.sifz won't open on Mac

Mac OS 10.10.5
SynfigStudio 1.2.1

I’m getting errors when trying to open a file comprised of an SVG based character imported from Boxy SVG, and a skeleton. I have seven versions of the file saved at various stages (Save As). After the third save, the others seem to be corrupt. Here’s the gist of the error.

Unable to load “file name and path”
:32498: error: Unexpected element (directory and file name) :32501

Then there are references to <side_after> and

Is there any way to recover the files?

You can unpack .sifz into .sif and edit it with text editor (of course, you should always keep backup copy…) and then try to load. Synfig uses xml, so lookup that if you’re unfamiliar with it. Among other things (like removing offending lines), you can “comment out” things with “”

Thanks, I’ll have to figure out what I’m looking at in the XML file. The tags look fine, but I don’t know what to look for structure / variable wise.