SIF format specification

Hi, I’m working in a Inkscape SIF output (to enable SIF generation by Inkscape), but i need more informations and i’m not finding…

Where is the SIF format specification?

Hi aurium,
good to hear you’re working on that!. As far as I know there is not other SIF specification than the sif files itself and the source code.
Maybe you’re interested on the other SVG->SIF parsers that there exists.
It would be good to start writing the sif specification format in the wiki.

There is no SIF specification and so far the format has changed with every release of synfig. In addition people can add plugins that change the format. I suggest that you regard the SIF format as a proprietary one and don’t work on Inkscape SIF import. SVG import/export for Synfig would be more interesting.

Thanks guis…

Code is not a good specification… :frowning: Is more difficult to read, may have bugs, and i may do not understand right.


Maybe that’s why it was mentioned that it’s better to tackle the “SVG Import/Export” problem in Synfig rather than trying to make Inkscape “speak” SIF.

Hi Bombe,

See… doesn’t matter if I’m working in a Inkscape exporter or in a Synfig importer. It’s ever an SVG to SIF conversor, and anybody who want to do that need the SVG and SIF specification.

You also may say where or how is better to work, but each one has him self better way to work. We must remember that.

Actually, no.

To let Synfig export/import SVG you don’t need to know anything about SIF. You only need to handle Synfig’s internal data structures which are probably way easier to handle than SIF.