Show I've been working on

I’ve been using Synfig to develop an animated internet series called Lock and Load. It’s still a little ways off from the first episode being finished but I’ve got a short clip, and the animated intro hosted on if anyone is interested.

I’m new to the community, but once I get this first episode done I look forward to contributing some useful tutorials for some documentation about this project that I’ve noticed was a tad bit incomplete or inaccessible. Thanks everybody

Interesting character designs!
Keep it up!

I like the name of the title. What is the serious about? I’ve seen the characters, and there is one that really takes my interest.

The main characters are Jack Lock, Jill Load and their mentally retarded companion Jib. It’s set up with a sort of twist on the “of mice and men” relationship between George and Lenny. The show follows Jack and Jill on their drug filled exploits as they cause chaos. It’s set in the year 2202, but there are none of those traditional signs of a futuristic society.

I’ve actually developed a show bible and rich background story which integrates a lot of occult notions with historical facts with a couple minor blemishes.

As it is currently structured, I’ve got 3 episodes planned as a single story arc and a sort of “season 0”. The first episode is just about done - and the final audio voice over track comes in at 15 and a half minutes.

I have posted a rough-draft copy of my show on

I do all of the voice acting for the characters appearing in this episode.

I’m curious as to people’s feedback and input on the show. I certainly know there are many areas I need to improve, but I’m quite proud of this as my first animation in Synfig, and actually my first “full length” animation ever. That being said, I appreciate negative feedback just as much if not more than praises. Although positive comments certainly are a morale booster, I’ve come to learn they do little to improve ones skills at the end of the day. 8)