Should Synfig have/run (unit-)tests?

Currently, there are three test routines:

  • Travis CI (for building test)
  • Icon generation at build final stage (test if it… just works somehow)
  • Regression tests (together with Travis CI, but currently accepting to fail)

Wouldn’t be good/useful to provide unit and functional tests for synfig-core and synfig-studio code?

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Sure. I plan to integrate a code coverage tool, and I’m pretty sure that we will find unused code or code that needs to be tested :slight_smile:

@KonstantinDmitriev what do you think?

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Of course it would be awesome to have unit-tests where applicable. Unfortunately, I has no experience in writing any, but I’ve heard it really takes time. On the other hand that compensates in future with better stability and cleaner mind. ^___^

Please consider, that we also have some tests for ETL -

Execute those commands in ETL directory to run them:

autoreconf -if
make distcheck

See this script for details -

for CMake tests also can be run using make test command

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@ice0 So, is it okay to close this? -

I need to check synfig-core/test. I will close it, after do all the checks (or fix it).

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The regular build takes its own time.

When you want to test (make check under autotools), it would build (if necessary) and run all the written test programs.

We could use a framework like CppUnit or do manually as it’s currently “done” :slight_smile:

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I am leaving final decision on how it is better implement to @ice0. In any case I appreciate any contributions in that direction! ^___^