Shortcuts thread

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This thread is available now to minimize the need of creating seperate threads related to Synfig shortcuts.

For now, I request a feature in Synfig which, similar to Sai, would indefinitely speed up workflow.

Although ‘add item’ option is available upon rightclick, would it be possible to have a hold-and-click alternative to add and delete points in a bline? As in, hold ctrl and click to add, and hold alt and click to remove them?

EDIT: Also, similarly for point weight adjustments?

One question: Should these shortcuts work while using some specific tool only?

In Gimp the function/mode of the current tool changes while holding Shift/Ctrl/Alt. For example, the selection tool changes the mode depending on which modifier keys are held: replace = none, add = Shift, substract = Ctrl, intersect = Shift+Ctrl.

I agree that it would be a nice addition.

One other idea I had sometime ago is to switch split tangent mode with modifier keys while dragging the tangent. So one could, for example, start dragging the tangent, adjust the “before” tangent, hold Ctrl to “split tangents” making tangents independent, adjust the “after” tangent (not modifying the “before” tangent).

XD Why, the Bline tool itself! Why change tools when you’re already working on the Bline tool?

So now we require hold shortcuts for:
Add Point
Remove Point
Split Tangents

I was asking because Synfig kinda makes you bounce between BLine and Normal tool. BLine is used exclusively for creation of layers which have BLines on them (ducks for other BLines disappear from canvas). Normal tool for editting those regions.

Maybe that separation isn’t such a good idea.

I would like a way to use layer panel shortcuts without having to activate the panel first.
Now you can only use hotkeys for navigating up/down the layers list if you first activating the layer panel by clicking a layer in it.
The whole thing with hotkeys is that you use them instead of pushing UI-buttons with your pointer. If you first have to click on the layers panel the whole point with hotkeys for navigating is lost.

Also when on the subject of layer panel I would like hotkeys for selecting parent layer (encapsule) and hotkeys for collapsing or opening current layer and for collapsing/opening all encapsules.

The keyboard shortcuts needs a total review indeed. :-/


With an settings panel! :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, if only I could code… (Which language is Synfig? C++?)

Yes C++