Short movie - Tux ninja - Gimp, inkscape and Synfig.

Hello folks,

I am studying some ways to increase the animation work process. These are some takes from an animation, a short animation to practice the animation process.

The total process up to now spent about less than 10 hours of work.
Thanks you all.

You have such a nice style! And I like the last shot in particular. I’d love to read about the specifics of your work flow.


Thanks Matt! I like your projects too. By the way, I learn a lot here, with all community…so I would like to thank about the knowledge learned.

This animation is beem made like this:

  • Sketches and rought animation = started with Pencil, but now only using Gimp.
  • Clean up and final illustration = inkscape ( layers for body parts and limbs ).
  • Animation, composition and effects = Synfig.

This is the fastest animation made by myself up to now. With this kind of process I had speed up the projects, and this is the focus…test and study fastest processes.

Another subject: I found a vimeo group of Synfig and made my subscription; the company Quadro-Chave too.So, lets try to populate this video group there. I think that this will be a good thing to Synfig.

Ninjas ftw! :mrgreen:
I think it’s great. Reminds me a bit of Rocketbirds.
Btw, your tutorials on this forum were very helpful.

Ricardo, the project looks pretty good! It is a great character that will have awesome adventures!
PS: I’m working on the article. Please do not loose the confidence on me :unamused:

Darkspace and Genete,

Darkspace, about rocketbirds, awesome, I did not know about this. Watching the animations right now!!
Genete, no problem, We all have a lot of work everyday. Do not care about that, everything has a time to happen.

About Ninja tux, the idea is use this project as an study for the main short we are doing here in Quadro-Chave. After the end of this little short, I´ll send all the files and scripts, so we all can write little shorts about the Ninja. The idea as I told, is to use it as a study project…everything to test goes here first.

The character is a punisher, he fights the corporates, injustice and monopoly. In this first little short he is training and destroying three enemies - the publicity ( apple ), the monopoly ( microsoft ) and the fear ( people afraid to try ). It´s a parody of samurai Jack and other references.

Well done. :laughing:
btw, congratulations for all your works and tutorials.

Thanks! This week I’ll post some news. Just working hard here. I have posted in Vimeo some screencast about some tux ninja poses traced in inkscape. Take a look there. This week I’ll post here a new scene. Just two action scenes to finish the entire thing.