Shapes Dissapear when layered on top of each other

Hello peoples,

A newbie here with some questions. I’m trying to follow the animation tutorial, but I can’t get past even the first few steps. It tells me to put a red circle over a black rectangle. Well, every time I put the circle over the rectangle, it disappears. Not to mention, I am unable to move the rectangle. It just becomes an outline when it is highlighted and is completely gone when it is not highlighted. I feel really silly asking this because I’m not new to computers; it feels like i should know what I’m doing here, but, alas… Feel free to laugh if there’s a really silly solution to this. :wink:

In case it’s useful:
intel pentium duo core
4gb ram
5 months old as of date of post

Hi takamitsukai,
it is more probable that we don’t explain how to use the software in a easy way than you do silly questions.
Can you provide the sample file? This forum allows to upload sifz files.
In any case checkout the layer visibility (a checkbox on the left part of the layer list), the top layer blend method should be “Composite” and the same for the lower layer. In other case the layers can become invisible.
Checkout that the Default blend method in the Toolbox is set to Composite. In that case start over the tutorial and it should should work.
Please provide your Synfig Studio version. There are new updates for windows.
Greetings and welcome!

it’s color is maybe white on a white background… so you could select the rectangle layer (in the layer dialog) and change the color (in the param dialog).
for finding these dialogs please have a look at

if that was not the case get back in touch! You could try attaching your synfig file (.sif or .sifz) to your question… that will ease our helping you.

hope this helps.

Howdy folks! Sorry it took so long to reply.

Well, I followed your advice and with it, i changed the layers around and stuff (not sure why it never occurred to me to look there) but I had to encapsulate one layer (not sure what this means in this situation) and that got a layer working. This doesn’t sound right. I just don’t know if this little work around will get me where I need to go in the future. I provided the file for your reference.

I also checked to make sure I wasn’t just forgetting to actually change the color of the shape and I wasn’t forgetting. There’s gotta be a button or a step I’m overlooking. :confused: Thanks for your help guys! :smiley:
Synfig Animation 1.sifz (752 Bytes)

Hello! I figured things out! Thanks so much! unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting my pieces to animate so I’ll go post in the correct forum! Thanks again! =D