Several new features on synfig suggestion

The author Hello, I’m from China animation enthusiasts, also a animation in China, SYNFIG I have spent about 4 years, but only used in trace lines that link above, only animations only in less demanding place. In my opinion SYNFIG line processing power is very powerful, although there are other software also has the ability, but SYNFIG is more appropriate for my habit. Above is the reason I chose SYNFIG.
But as animation software, I hope SYNFIG more comprehensive and powerful, so sincere as the author I SYNFIG features some of the recommendations made, hope to get the authors of acceptance, developed into a powerful and efficient software SYNFIG.

I suggested the following several points, mainly in order to strengthen SYNFIG animation capabilities
First: want to add a to the SYNFIG independence “frame-by-frame animation”, which means that you can manually added a special layer in the layers panel, in this layer can draw like a FLASH or other two-dimensional animation software frame-by-frame animation. SYNFIG animation, a lot of times we need to frame-by-frame to bridging role turns or other animation generated by automatic interpolation, and with this “frame-by-frame animation layers” then SYNFIG can challenge other professional frame-by-frame animation software, I think it’s a very exciting feature. If “frame-by-frame animation layers” can do free fill color (graphics don’t need loop to the fill color,) would be better.

Second: SYNFIG draws a graph we select two points, and then appears at the click of a mouse right key “link” command, after GmbH were merged together by selecting two points, this is a very easy to use features, a lot of times we are used to. But I hope can in this based Shang again added a features, that is Dang click links zhihou will has two a select, a can let we click zhihou was select of two points will merged to together, and another select is although was select of two points was links has, but not merged, but keep current of location, just Dang we moved which any a points is addition a points also will followed moved. So when we in a binding role can be very easy to add a controller role any one or group of points. For example when we have a role when the entire right hand drawn into a whole, once you have a newly added links above, you can separate before the role of arm or hand bound in a “mobile” and “rotate” layer, so adjust the animation to very convenient.

Third: maybe a lot of people would like to have a feature, that can have a sound track, so that animators can better face and mouth animation authoring for the role.

These are my recommendations for SYNFIG, hope the author can accept. Finally I wish authors happy, SYNFIG animation enthusiasts and practitioners use to have more and more.

Because my English is very poor, using the GOOGLE translation of the above, hope readers to forgive me. If you have strong English ability, man, see the above suggestions, then please do not hesitate to help translate the meaning, thank you!


I have problems understanding the meaning of this. Jcome, can you summarize the translation from Chinese?

Quick translation:


Hello, Dear developers,

I am a animation professional and (ofcouse) a fan of animation, I come from China and have been using Synfig for about 4 years now. But mainly use as tracing tool, and use it as animation tool only if the animating is not at that professional level. From my point of view, Synfig has very a powerful capability on handling outline tasks, even other software has the same funtionality, I still perfer Synfig, because Synfig Studio’s UI/UX which I get used to.

I wish Synfig, as an animation software, will be much more powerful and features. And here I would like to share my comments to the developers, they are mainly focusing on animating abilities of Synfig Studio, hope it helps:

  1. Add a new layer type to handle “frame by frame animation”.
    So that Synfig can be used for frame by frame animating as well. When doing animation in Synfig Studio, We as artists have to use frame by frame technique to handle character actions such as turning around his/her body. This “frame by frame layer” will take Synfig to another level to challenge other animation software. From my point of view, it will be an existing feature.

And if we can fill those outline which are not closed, would be an extra benefit for artists.

  1. Enhance the link functionality of Synfig.
    The ability of linking points(vertex) is geat, we use a lot. But in some cases, we prefet to not move the positions of those points, just linked in logically.
    (jcome: I understand this requirement, but in fact, the recently merged bone system would be a better soultion for it)

  2. Add the sound/voice supporting, it makes animtion artists life easy when they are handling lip-synching tasks.

That is it for now, hope the developers can understand and take into account.
Whish all devleopers have a great day and there are more and more animation hobbyists and professionals enjoy Synfiging.


Thanks Yu!

I replied him in Chinese subforum :slight_smile:

I think constant interpolation fill that request.

I’d like the option of hide splines between any set of vertices… and not only first and last.

This is absolutely necessary. When you are animating a complex character, have defined points of movement that control one or a set of vertex are really useful. But with the actual link system is imposible.

But if the bones supplies that request… great. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the Advanced Outlines? … w_features


After read that wiki I made some test… and with width handles works. It is not very intuitive, but well… :mrgreen:

I delete it from my wishlist. :laughing:

Thanks for the point, Genete.

it is powerful but yes it is not intuitive from enduser’s positive. I’ve a lot of ideas in my mind regarding this and other areas of Synfig Studio , and I’ve been learning UX design and hopefully I can manage to draw a big picture of Synfig Sudio UI in the near future :mrgreen:

I second the first and third! We totally need those!

wait. what?

Please do not reply trolls or spammers.

1) frame by frame:
done in dev" version see devellopment report 31 and video demo

3) sound :
done in dev’ with the sound layer and jack support to synchro , take a look to dev report 44