Setup Synfig in windows 10 mingw64

I got some errors when I tried to run in windows 10

windows variable env


$ ./
Selected ARCH: mingw-w64-x86_64
Installing development tools
./ line 23: pacman: command not found
 ======================= Compiling MLT++ =======================
/tmp ~/Documents/GitHub/synfig
./autobuild/msys2/ line 20: wget: command not found
print path variable, /mingw64
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED
(Stripping trailing CRs from patch; use --binary to disable.)
patching file /mingw64/include/libintl.h
Hunk #1 FAILED at 359.
patch: **** Can't reopen file /mingw64/include/libintl.h : No such file or directory

Could you help me, please?

What is the best IDE for start with the development?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
All the docs for development can be found here:
Synfig developers docs documentation
Be sure to follow all the recommended steps and recheck after.
It seems your install ofmingw is broken.

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I could install all requirements following these instructions.

I tried to open the project with netbeans 12.6 but there aren’t many features for C/C++

From Apache NetBeans 12.0 Features


The donation of the NetBeans C and C++ features from Oracle to Apache has been completed in the 11.3 timeframe, though the code has not yet been integrated into Apache NetBeans. This is anticipated to be a large task and may take some time, involving not only license changes and IP clearance in Apache, though also potentially code changes since not everything that was part of these features in Oracle was able to be donated by Oracle to Apache.

Until the code integration is complete, go to the Plugin Manager, enable the NetBeans IDE 8.2 Update Center, which lets you install the NetBeans IDE 8.2 modules providing C and C++ features.

You need to go in Tools/Plugins

  • In Settings tab, activate the NetBeans 8.2 Plugin Portal
  • In Installed tab, activate C/C++
  • In Available Plugins tab, push “Check for Newest” and install “C/C++”

Restart Netbeans and it will be fine :wink:

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Netbeans 13 has been released yesterday :wink:

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Thanks a lot!!

I’m working in the configuration of the project with the last version of Netbeans

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Hi @BobSynfig

Yesterday I tried to install in Mac OS, I didn’t find any problem with the instructions and setup. everything okay!
but in windows I’ve found some errors about missing libraries, I will check that.
For while I’m going to do the tutorials from Tutorials — Synfig developers docs documentation

Yes, I can definitely confirm that. While building it on windows it was a much more error-filled process.

What terminal/console did you use on Windows? Or did you try only via NetBeans?

I am installing MSYS2 on a Windows 10 computer following the documentation, see here:

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I was using, Git Bash

Hm… that’s why you couldn’t run pacman (a packet manager used (or created?) by ArchLinux - something ‘like’ Windows Store. Actually, it’s more like MacOS brew) and wget.

To ease your life building Synfig code on Windows, you should use MSYS2.