Setting default colors in the color dialog

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Gerco has posted a patch to add a pair of buttons to the Color dialog to apply the current one to the default foreground and default background ones: … tid=757418

I added a pair of icons and this is the result.

If you find this patch useful, please vote for it.

What’s not to love?


Seems like it is useful. I’m wondering why it didn’t get applied instead of making a poll.

Ok, I’ll apply it.
Or better, Gerco, can you commit it?


I added the patch to the patches tracker over on SourceForge, but apart from Genete’s suggestion there were no comments. So, it stalled over there, and I guess Genete started the poll to get the ball rolling again…

I guess we need to form a committee to create a change control board! :laughing:


Will do.


I think that is a good place to send and approve patches. I think we should try to continue using it (although I still seeing it a little slow).

And yes, it a fault of all of us. Anyone who send a patch should take all our attention. There are a couple of them form Gerco and one from rubickcube pending to apply or reject.

I tried it today, but I guess there is a configuration bug since the world “iphone” constantly appears in the URL making it impossible to use…


Yes, me too. It seems to be a bug. Two days ago it was fine.

So, who do we report this to?


There is a bugs link in the right top of the screen. They have a bug tracker for Review Board.
BTW, the correct link to the patch is this one:
it seems to be a bad formed link in the list of patches.

The bug is fixed in the latest release of reviewboard, I’m waiting for the Debian packager to upgrade his package:

OK. Good to hear…