September '09 Challenge - Splash screen!


Where’s the voting being held? (if not here?!?)



I m new here !
I m a bit out of contest, because this is my first trial in Synfig, but I really liked the idea to start cooperate and practice.
The blue icon logo is the original, i did not drawn again.
I like the stuff in contest, mostly Zenoscope’s illustration the people will remember long,
and Rore’s graphics is chic.
Thanks for this wiki that drives me through the Software !
Synfig splash.sifz (9.81 KB)


Cool - Synfig in the palm of your hand!


Yo ! the idea for the Splash is that Open softwares are a donation to the other, more over Synfig is easy to “handle” so I tried to visualize it…


I can be endlessly modifying, changing the color scheme and adding small details to the splash screen, but I think that it is enough…
Here it is:

Hope you like it.
0.62.0_splashscreen.sifz (247 KB)


Wow!!! :open_mouth:

Genete, your splash is amazing!!!


How do you follow Genete’s? Awesome entries for the challenge this month! This one was stuck in my head so I thought I’d throw it into the mix. Making the new Inkscape people feel at home. :slight_smile:


Whow, great entry’s this month.

won’t be joining this challange, 'cause i’m not much of a artist.

But my feedback about most entry’s:

Animtim:Really like the rat, and the paper/screen he is on, but the colors of the background are really distracting :open_mouth: not something i want to see every time i startup synfig.
Razputin:Kind of symbolizes the growing/maturing of synfig
ryllemen:I like the greenish color, looks lot more sea to me, then gray? great atmosphere.
Zenoscope:A lot of humor in your drawing, nice characters
Rore:Stylish look, almost got a kind of Macish feeling… dunno if thats a good thing for synfig :confused:
Headsquatter:Great concept, would be super sweet if it was animated, continue on that :wink:
Genetes:Good Asian feeling. I especially like the cloud.
Pixelgeek:Nice combo of inkscape & Synfig, great way to show this versions new feature(s)

My vote go’s to of Pixelgeeks and Headsquaters’ entry’s


There will be a voting pool and vote is only for one entry.