Selection Box Tool!

Synfig 1.4.2 is released. It’s really great development. But the most important thing that code writers forgot is this selection box tool in animation timeline. I don’t want to delete all keyframes one by one. Please write this code. You guys are genius.Come on it should be so easy for you. Please add this feauter in the next version of Synfig. This software is amazing. But the biggest problem is this for me. Because of this I don’t want to even use Synfig. Because it’s getting harder to delete all of those keyframes one by one. You know what I’m saying here? And I don’t want to copy my characters like 100 times. I want to copy only one of it and I want to use in different scenes without keyframe problems. Please fix this too. Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

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I don’t exactly know when this will be available, but you can try it, by building Synfig yourself.

I don’t think it is because they forget, maybe more testing and bug fixes need to be done before releasing it in the stable release.


As veermetri05 answered, it will be available when we have the development releases back again.
Version 1.4.x was a big change in stable releases, and we are still trying to stabilize any feature regression and to fix any reproducible crash on it. Eventually, we make new features available that are in development code branch, that has minor chance to lead to crashes or new bugs.

Anyway, you can use drag box selection in Curve / Graph Panel. At least for on parameter. This feature is available since 1.4.0 there.

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Thank you for the answer sir. I do appreciate what you’re doing here.

thank you so much. Unfortunately I don’t know how to write code. I wish I know.

A partial workaround is to find the animated parameter in question in the parameters panel, right-click, and disconnect. This will have the effect of deleting all of its associated waypoints.

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