Selecting and cutting an object

Hello all,

I’m new to Synfig but I really like it so far.

I have a question though.

I’m drawing a face and I will like it to split it on different parts like jaw and mouth, forehead, etc. But I can not find a tool like “free selection” and another tool for cutting. Are these sort of tools available? or can it be done in a different way?

Thanks a lot.

Each spline in Synfig comes with its own layer. You can name them and group them in the layer panel by selecting one or all of them, right click, and then select group layer.

Thanks for the quick answer.

But let’s say I want to split the head (round circle) in 2 (not necessary in center. Can it be done?

You have to create your artwork already split on different parts. If for some reason the artwork is already done and you want to split it, the best current way is to duplicate the involved layers and remove the parts not wanted in each duplicated, so you can have two partial copies of your work that fits.

To remove several vertexes from a spline you just need to select them all with the mouse and then right click on one of them and select “Remove Items Multiple”.


Other techniques of “splitting” is this:

  1. Duplicate the artwork
  2. Mask each copy with the right mask to make visible only the part you need.
  3. Group the mask and the copy in each group layer and animate them individually.

This tutorial might help:



I think the masking will do the job.