Scrolling background?


I am Sinak a new member to synfig studios. I previously worked animations through Pencil2D. The remarkable feature of Pencil2D was the scrolling background. Is it possible to do the same operation through synfig. I have been messing around with the options available however, failed to make a scrolling background. Someone please help me out.

Anticipating a positive response.


Hello and welcome Sinak!

If you want to move an image placed as background you should animate the Origin parameter by adding at least a couple of waypoints.

First, enable the animation mode and then change the Origin parameter (you can drag the green handle).
Change current time on the timebar (e.g. move forward 20 frames) and change again the Origin.

Synfig will add a second waypoint and automatically interpolate the position between the 2 waypoints.

If you have doubts do not hesitate to ask :+1:

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