I really don’t know what is the state of the scripting in Synfig. I saw that a lot of time Zelgadis add a pre-scripting… but I don’t hear about it any more. Is it in the new roadmap of programming takes a look at it?

It could be great have a good scripting system integrated in Synfig. A lot of programmers could make new layers effect or increase the funtionality of Synfig without the need of modify the code of Synfig. And we could have a “market” of scripts in the web.

Current scripting available is just a external call to a python script that takes the current file and editing the file format, does some action.

Obviously you have to know the file format structure (which is very undocumented) and have to know python to create those new scripts.

I believe that darkspace is doing one script for his character template but seems to be not finished.


Yes, that was the video tutorial Zelgadis done.

I was asking more about create effects like distorsions, color correction, blur, lines modifications, etc… in scripts. So the functionality of Synfig could be increase easily and for programmers not only inside the project.

So, is in the new programming roadmap add scripting in a inner way insaid Synfig? Not only let execute a script, but create an API to use with scripts.

I’m writing a script for doing this in a more automated manner.

Things I noticed with scripting so far:

  • Need a way to interact with user. Even something as simple as “pick a layer” dialog would be good.
  • Need a python module to be able to process SIF files more easily. Yes, it’s just XML but it gets a bit tedious having to work with the XML directly. I wrote a bunch of functions of my own for this, but these could be perhaps gathered in a library module (which comes included with Synfigstudio)

More integrated scripting would require loads of work if I’m not mistaken. And there’s some stuff (ie. effect layers) which would simply be too slow if implemented as scripts.

Well, GIMP uses Python for postproduction effects and… not goes bad.

Maybe in real time is not useful, but if you can activated it in preview and final render, could be a great form of add funtionality to Synfig. If you can include a script inside the Synfig render open a lot of great effects.