Scripting in Synfig: lua or python? (or other?)

Although it is a long term implementation, I consider that a scripting language will give to Synfig Studio a lot of potential. There are lot of common actions that could be scripted and can help a lot to spread the Synfig Studio fucntionalities:

  1. Perform complex script guided animations of the layers.
  2. Create custom objects by the insertion of parametrized layers.
  3. Perform repetitive operations with waypoints or keyframes.

The idea is that the current actions that can be done in Synfig Studio and available for user interaction were available for the script nterpreter. Actions are available if the context (object selection and its availability) allow to execute it.

I’ve been digging a bit and cannot decide by Lua or Python as script language for scripting.
Does anyone some experience to help me on select one of them?
I wonder if using python would allow us to integrate synfig with blender api or reuse its current scripts.
Also I wonder which language is easier to implement and to learn.

Reference material:

What do you think?


In addition, I wonder if using Python might also draw in some current Blender programmers. If they get interested in scripting some cross-functionality, it might even add new developers to Synfig itself. Maybe?

Other than that thought, I don’t know anywhere near enough to comment on this topic. :smiley:


I know a little lua and no python. Lua is quite easy I think but python seems more powerful.
And as said before, Blender uses python and Gimp uses python for scripts.
Just as long as the syntax is easy.

I vote for python. Seems more robust.

I know a little python - from running scripts in Blender. My vote is for Python.

I vote for python as well, though I must confess that I have never used Lua.

my vote: Python
reason: blender & gimp are using python for scripting… stay close to your community…

Makes sense!


I write python code for my job at the University, so I vote python.

Note: synfig already has scripting: m4 :unamused:

Python!(Simple, but Strong!)

hi! I’m not a programmer (yet), but I agree that python will stay closer to the community…

and I’m wondering if using python would bring another positive aspects like using arduino with synfig!

it would be cool!


Whoa, it does!? How does this work now in Synfig?

m4 are macros from autotools to help on configure source code before the compile and link process. Nothing to do with the desired scripting facilities we are looking for, I think.

how about javascript? it is the most popular language in the world.

just thinking, it would really good to build the core in c++ and the UI (studio) in clutter + javascript as gnome-shell does.

UI in QML for the win!