Script to convert movies to Synfig compliant image sequences

I’ve created a nautilus script that converts any movie to an image sequence along with a lst-file for import into Synfig.


To install just download the script and copy it to your Nautilus script folder and make it executable (chmod +x convert-movie-to-png-seq).
To use it select any movie file, right click it and choose the script from the Script sub-menu.
Now it creates a folder named as your movie-file minus the exension, in which it outputs an image sequence and a .lst-file which you can import into Synfig.

Note that I’ve set the image size to 480x270 and the frame rate to 25fps which you easily can change to whatever you prefer within the script file.

Hope you’ll find it useful.

You might want to add a link to it from the ListImporter docs:

Cool! thank you very much!.
I wonder if it is possible to read the frame rate form the original movie file to insert the same in the lst file.
One thing that I should change is the number of digits on the output png sequence. You’ve set it to 3 what implies a total of 1000 frames. It could cause problems if the length of the movie is longer than 1000/25=40 seconds.


Yeah, it should be fairly easy to grab the framerate from the moviefile, I’ll fix that when I get some time.
I updated the script to 4 digit numbering instead which will allow you a bit more flexibility. If you’d need to convert movies longer than around 6 minutes you’d just change that number to whatever you like.

For us newbies, the location of that Nautilus script folder is:

would love to import some .mp4s to synfig. Im using windows7. I just dont get it, how to create a .lst-file out of my .mp4. to import it to synfig.
NautilusScript is just for gnome and OS isnt it? How to do it on windows?
Thanks for helping and happy easter!
Cheers from Germany