Screen gets cut off when I increase the size

I need to do a animation and I need a lot of height to put it on (without needing to reduce it too much), and I’m having issues after rendering it…when I use the preview tool, all the elements of my animation appears on the screen, but after rendering, the screen gets cut off!:weary:
There’s a way to fix it, or it’s really a limitation of the program?

Which version did you use?

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Hi! :raising_hand_woman:

Well, I use Synfig Studio 1.4.2…I guess is the latest version, isn’t?

Try again whether it work. I also faced this issue on development version. But your case is weired.

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What format (gif, .avi, .mp4) are you exporting it to ?
Have you changed any render settings ?

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When I render it I set in ffmpeg format and change resolution to 1920 x 1080…
But it always worked with my others animations… :woman_shrugging:

Ok, I’ll try again…

What does it look like when the screen gets cut off?
Are you seeing a Horizontal Blur Line?

No, the screen gets “clean”, just some elements of my animation don’t appear. It’s like when you zoom the screen too much, that you can’t see all that’s there,

Thanks to everyone that tried to help me, but I really haven’t been suceed.
I had to finish my animation using the pre-confugured screen size. It wasn’t easy, but I finished it.
My pulley system:

It was a difference between Edition Canvas size and Render Canvas size.

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