School Project

I’m attempting to make a 4 minute or so animation for a school history porject. I have had essentially no experience with flash or synfig before. Anyways, I need to figure out three things:

  1. How do a generate a actual movie. One that is not just a animated GIF but also has sound
    attached to it. And whatnot.
  2. For this project I don’t really need animation. I just want the objects to go from point A to
    point B without any motion inbetween. See one of these videos to see what I want to
  3. I forgot three. I’ll get back on that.

I’m new to Synfig, but I’ll answer the questions as best I can.

  1. For rendering to mpeg, you will need to install ffmpeg. Installation is simple, but if you’re using Windows, you may need to add ffmpeg to the system PATH variable.
    In the render window, set the target to “auto” and replace the default file extension to .mpg. The file will then begin to render into mpeg format.

Synfig supports other video render outputs, such as avi, but I have not had any experience using them.

  1. It is possible to create such an animation with Synfig. However, the program is geared towards animation, meaning that doing the project in Synfig would require some additional work beyond simply creating a slideshow.

I’m still learning the full capabilities of Synfig myself, and I encourage you to try it out. Though I have found some things difficult to understand, I have found that Synfig is better than Flash in numerous ways.

Hi Ansain,

1.- The best results comes from a png sequence and its composition in an external video editor. Choose the one that fits your requirements.
2.- You can use synfig for that task perfectly. But if the sound synchronization is very important maybe you should do it directly in the video editor as well as synfig doesn’t have sound support for the moment.
3.- Don’t forget to be back too :wink: