Scenes are been built!

Hi folks,

Sorry about the late reply, but I had some problems here in these months. I am building the project again, but I have some comments and suggestions for Synfig ( can I do it? ) .

First, The animated scenes ( I am editing the scenes in Blender ):

Well, as you can see, I’ve changed some styles…the boy is different and without outlines; I’ve added some brush strokes in inkscape using tablet with pressure ( nice result, I think! ).

Here, the boy prepared for animation in Synfig:

I had some problems with the boy because I created it in Inkscape and converted to synfig using the SVG2Sif; but the file is too huge and when I imported it inside of the scene file, the boy was huge, and inverted horizontally and vertically. My solutions was: I used the rotate layer and the stretch layer ( with negative value in the horizontal axis ) to use the boy in the scene. Well, it’s done, but with some work. Question 1: Is there another way to configure the file created with the svg2sif to fit the synfig world values? Did I make myself clear with this question?

Problem 2: the rotation layer show a very small blue dot with the file created with svg2sif; I mean, the blue dot is too close to the green one, so it’s difficult to grab it for rotation. Question : Is there a way to increase this distance between the blue dot and the green one?

Another question: Is there a way to see only the outlines to improve performance? The performance issue is the negative point in synfig.
Sorry about all of these questions, but I am trying to collaborate with synfig too.

I have 3 more scenes not animated yet, and I am working hard on then this weekend; next week I’ll be back…it’s a promise!
Please, answer me. I am trying to do a good animation with synfig.

P.S.: I am using the 1920x1080 resolution ( HDV full ).

Looking good!

I don’t have any answers to your questions, but I do have one of my own: What made you decide to eliminate outlines for your character? Was it an artistic decision or perhaps one based on simplicity of work flow in Synfig? I’ve gone back and forth myself on whether to use outlines.

Looking forward to the finished work!


Hi muhkayoh,

I decided it because of the two questions you made: a style decision and a fast solution to work.
I’ll move this topic to inside of my first topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=259

Reason: Put all information together. I’ll ask Genete to delete this topic!

See you there!