Save window locations to hotkeys?

Is there any way to make it possible to save window locations to hot keys? Or at least make a hotkey to reset the windows?

I don’t find any action that can be shortcut to a hot key.

Usually windows layout are correctly saved between sessions. Which is specifically the problem you have? Maybe you want to have some predefined layouts to load when you work with different projects?

The windows layout and positions are stored at the ‘settings’ file located at ./synfig folder within your user folder (unix oses) and at C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Synfig fodler for windows (XP at last).

You can make copies of that file to keep sessions settings and restore them anytime you like.


How about putting the “reset panels” or opening panels on hot keys?

It’s just really awkward currently and lots of people, including myself keep closing windows by mistake. Then if the tools panel has fallen behind the others (which keeps happening despite my setting it to “always on top”. It resets.) I have to mouse over to the launcher at the side, pick the tools panel (set to “always on top” AGAIN) mouse to the top of the screen then menu->files->Panels…

It’s a nuisance.

Just pretend you’re playing Nintendo -
Alt-f, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, right arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, enter.


I don’t want infinite ammo, I want a params window! lol

CAn be a new menu entry ?

Menu/File/Display/Layout1 + 2 +3+ 4 +5 +save
Layout 1 -> 5 display a saved layout
Save ask in wich layout[1-5] save the actuall layout

Also, Menu/File/Panel and Menu/File/Default layout could be moved to Display sub menu ?

Even with direct file access genete tips (not very user friendly…and backup more info than just layout…) this feature could be usefulll for me, as i have my own vision of own my panels should be organiz… and sometime synfig (or i) just lost them (mad ducks inside?)… and have possibly more than one layout config can be great !

–if ok, i suggest an dev’ idea, to add a layouts file in .synfig with all layout(1-5) to don’t touch to settings file