Saturday June 11, Synfig Studio show at Canton China

Hi I am preparing a synfig demo for a local event this Saturday.

The time for preparing is quit short, but I will try my best. hopefully after that we can get some more users even developers from China :slight_smile:

wish me luck :wink:

Great News! Please give us full information of the event results and links to see you in action!
Good luck!!!

demo is done, not a perfect job, but I learn a lot from it.
And more important is that some attendees were interested by synfig after this demo and received lots positive feedback. there are not people heard synfig before my demo, now at least other 20+ people in China know it. These are two my basic targets of this demo, so I made it, not bad.
I will take time to summarize this demo later and upload the slide as well.

here are some pictuers :slight_smile: took in this event if you like to take a look.

That’s cool!
Are you the guy on the left of the screen from the photos?
Great work! Keep it up!

:smiley: yes that guy is me

Great! Spreading Synfig is always cool.
But shouldn’t you have used Fedora in that presentation rather than Ubuntu? :wink:

*nevermind that last stupid remark. A case of faster fingers than brain…

I am a long time Fedora user :slight_smile: I made and showed a movie titled “Fedora 4F Fire” based on the “Realistic Fire Animation