Sabaidee tuk tuk khon! (Hello everyone!)

Greetings from Laos!

I am an IT person / newbie programmer / web designer / outdoors person / multimedia tinkerer / open source advocate. Im an import from America (that means I cost a lot at a local store, right?) and have been exported to Laos (an awesome place to be). I work for a local NGO (I help them with their computers), but also do what I can to help Laos in tangible ways (like helping contribute data for word tokenization in Lao for ICU, International Components for Unicode). I love challeges, and can be one myself at times. I believe humanity is about helping one another, and I try to live up to that (though that’s not easy in today’s society).

That all said, I like to make things. And I’m hoping to learn new skills as a user, and maybe even as a contributor. We’ll see how much time I have.

In any case (preferrably big enough ones to hold everything), nice to meet you all!

Welcome tot he forums rcampbelllaos!
Looking forward to see your progresses on Synfig!