Ruler Icon needed for a ruler (show/hide) feature

Hey guys,
I was working on a feature request “show/hide ruler”
This is how it looks like:

There is currently no ruler icon for the button though, so if any of y’all would be willing to design a ruler icon it would be awesome.

**Note the button is placed in the right toolbar it’s currently without an icon as shown in the picture.


I can make something simple on weekends if no one else is willing to.

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Alright then, sounds good :smile:

OK, here’s my entry:

show_ruler_icon.sif (412.7 KB)

You can make it look better with gradients and some additional details:

but it does not look good when scaled down to even smaller size for a toolbar.

Here’s how it looks on the toolbar (the first variant):

It’s public domain, so feel free to make any necessary adjustments.


Hey @Svarov thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you also send the second variant?

It’s the same source.
Just open it in Synfig and enable all disabled layers in ‘RULER’ group, plus change color of ‘BORDER’ layer to black and you’ve got it.

yep, didnt notice. again thanks for the effort ! :smile: