I started on sunday the first time where I installed Synfig under Ubuntu 10.10 but unfortuntaley I dont know how I get the rotate function to work. I tried a cople of time to get the forms rotating but without any success until now. Is there anybody out there who can tell me what I have to do to get the rotate function to work. I just drawed a a blue circle and now I try to get the circle rotating but without any effect. Hope somebody can explain me what to do. I’d like to make an animation about the Incoterms 2010. best regards schweineohr

To use the rotate tool you have to:

  1. Select all the ducks of the stuff to rotate (CTRL-A)
  2. Click and drag on one of the selected ducks to rotate all them

Circles are special layers that “cannot be rotated” because there is not way to rotate a circle by its parameters definitions (origin and radius)

Alternatively you can use a Rotate Layer to rotate stuff. The rotate layer will rotate everything that is under its influence (everything below it) and up to the current canvas scope (See encapsulate) even a circle or whatever.

Also it is recommended to read and follow the manual.

Hope it helps.