Rotate tool not working

Hey I’m new to synfig, and have made 2 successful animations- a morphing square and a bouncing square. However, I have NO idea how to rotate stuff! I use the rotate tool, but all I can do is reshape the square. I need to make some rotating stuff for a running cat animation made out of simple shapes. I am completely unable to rotate anything. I am using the Windows 64bit version. I actually don’t know what version is but I bought it a few days ago, so I assume it’s the newest version. Could someone please help me on how to rotate stuff?

Hold Ctrl and try to rotate.

No, I tried, that doesn’t work either.

Yes bro rotate tool not work for rectangle region.

Hi @TuffCat

    Use rotate layer instead of rotate tool.

What’s a rotate layer??? I’m new :confused:

wait, i got it! thanks :>

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The most simple is to use the Group Layer as a wrapper.
Then you can use apply all the basic operations (translation,scale, rotation, even show/hive, blending mode…) on this group
Remember: the Group Layer has a central role in Synfig’s philosopy :wink:


Agree :+1:

I always Group items and have rarely used Transform Layers