Rotate things, simulate 3D

Hey guys,

I am currently making a short test animation. It’s a cut-out animation of walking puma. She walks, walks, then stops, then sits and then turns its head on you. So I’ve done it (about 17 seconds now) except for “turn head” part.

I just don’t know how to do that, because Synfig is not a 3D software and transforming from “profile” to “face” is hard. I thought I could do it with vector, but the rest animation is a set of raster images (not line-based), so I guess it would be a mix of styles and will look ugly.

So what is the best method to achieve that? I am actually thinking of “frame-by-frame” method, but it will cost me much time because I am not good (and slow) with drawing stuff… Maybe there is some tricks?

why not model a simple head in blender. animate it turning, render it out as cel shaded and use directly or trace over the frames in inkscape to make frames?

Maybe that thread can help you : Simulated Head Movement

Genete also made a nice head turn.

Since you are working with pixel cut-out images, I think frame by frame with switch layer could be a good option (assuming you are using the dev version). Try a simple shape turn in pencil with only a nose and a set of eyes and use that as a base in the program that you use to make your graphics.

and also following links … Synfig Studio - How to create a turning head

Thanks for the suggestion, but this one is too difficult for me. I am not familiar with any 3D software and this method seems too exaggerated for my short animation clip.

Hmm… Interesting links, but that’s all vector animation. Currently, I am not in the mood to waste all my sprites and change the style to vector. Maybe in a next project.

I am not using the dev version, so I am not sure what a switch layer is, but now I have to try it :slight_smile:
And thanks for the hint. I think I get the point, I will try to make separate layers for the head, ears, eyes, nose and mouth and then experiment transforming them.