Rotate, scale, miror tools not working ?


I’m quite new to Synfig studio, and must say I’m impressed with the software so far. I just had some trouble getting the “origin duck not being at the origin of the shape, but at the origin of the layer” organization but I think I got it.

I have one further issue, with the rotate, scale an mirror tools though.

It might be something I’m not getting about the way these works…

So I open synfig, draw a Bline with 3 ducks, added the green origin one. Whether I select the scale/rotate/miror tool, it seems to have the same effect as the normal tool on the shape. Thats to say it just moves it around, but do not rotate or rescale. I tried to encapsulate my shape,
but stille the same uneffectiveness…

It really doesn’t change anything, it’s like I’m using the normal tool ( the black cursor on a blue circle ).

I noticed two things though :

  • Using the mirror tool, it moves only verticaly or horizontaly, whether I press Maj key…

  • If i draw a circle or a star, and then select both ducks, then use the rotate tools, the rotate tool seems to work, but quite randomly ( shapes go in all directions, or one duck around the other…)

I’m quit confused with the use of these tools… Can anybody enlighten me on this ?

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to Synfig!

From what you say, it may be that you are using the rotate/scale/mirror tools with only one duck selected. These tools do not modify the shapes as a whole, but rather just the selected ducks. For example, the circle and star do rotate because you had selected multiple ducks.

One shortcoming of synfig is that rotation and scaling are always relative to the center of all of the selected ducks, so when you rotate a star it rotates relative to the midpoint between the center and the circumference. Is that what’s causing the weird rotation you saw?

The following should work:
– For a bline, selecting all of the ducks (Ctrl-A) and then trying to rotate or scale them
– For a star, moving the blue duck for rotation and the two cyan ducks to scale

See also: Rotate Tool wiki page

Hi ABelliqueux!
that’s something that usually is asked from newcomers but, can you tell me: where is the “origin of the shape”?
Welcome to Synfig, enjoy!

Hi !

Thanks to both of you for your replies, that helped me a lot to have words put on how things works… I saw the documentation relative to rotate tool, but I just understood what it says. I guess I didn’t read well the first time ! So all I asked whas answered in the doc…

Ok so now I’v got it, I can see how it works !

One last question ; I understood that the rectangle shape is quite different in the way it works than the circle or star.

So if I want to rotate a rectangle or an imported graphic, I have to create new “rotate layer”, is that right ?

Genete, I read about this in these topics :



At first I was wondering how it worked, especially since I was sure I managed once to change the position of this duck to re-center it. But I guess I just moved all the other ducks instead !

I’am an adobe flash “switcher” so I’m used to having the center of each symbol being the origin ( green duck ), but Flash isn’t an animation
software in the first place…And I’m not sure wether I’m using the word “origin” right or not…

Well I hope I’m clear enough ( English isn’t my mothertongue ), and again, thanks for the replies and this great piece of software.