Rotate layer huge loss in quality

Hi i’m new to synfig and i finally finished my character ( Its not great but I am not an artist, but trying). I added a rotation layer because a tutorial showed it mimicking a bone feature. I tried to move the hand and unlike the tutorial it had a large loss in quality. Anyone know another way to mimic bones or just to stop the loss in quality (see pictures below). Thanks :slight_smile:!

In the Canvas window, in the upper middle there’s a quality setting:
When it is set to 7 or higher then Synfig uses fast rotation algorithm with respective loss in quality. At 6 or lower it uses normal rotation algorithm which look like you would expect (but rendering is slows down a bit). This setting affects the display on canvas only, final render should use full quality by default.

Hi good day, the problem with the Quality check box is that if you save and in the future you want to use the same file to other thing and if you forget fix the quality again the distortion will be appear again, but You can fixed really easy one time and forever, just only have to put one layer called: Super Sample Layer, over the draw and he fix all the distortion in the draw. (you only need put one) I know beacuse I have the same problem. (sorry for my bad english XD)