Right click menu actions don't apply to selected layers

Instead are applied the to layer being right clicked. Only when right clicking on an empty part of the canvas does the global right click menu shows up and actions are applied to the selected layers.

I find this a bit awkward. For example:

  • Take a composition with a few layers on top of a Solid Color background (sample attached)
  • Select some of the foreground layers via Ctrl+Click
  • Right click on an “empty” part of the canvas (or even outside the canvas)
  • Click Delete Layer
  • Solid Color layer is deleted

This is not the expected result. The user will almost for sure want to apply the action to the selected layers, not the right clicked one. Applying the action to the layer that was right clicked only makes sense when there are no other layers selected.
right-click-test.sifz (1.53 KB)

already reported : synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … /issues/40

  • i had take a look at what could by the resolution … but with no results actually … and that’s frustrating because from layers panel, action on multiple layers works !