Rigging a stickman.

Hey, new guy here. I’m building a stickman rig. I’ve used Blender a fair bit, so I’m not a total newb, but Synfig is something else. I’ve been fiddling with it a while, and it seems like a lot of fun, but I’ve run into a problem.

Is there a way to change the space that a linked value is evaluated in?

I have a simple leg; some spheres and squares, and I want to have the ducks for a rotation layer follow the foot. However, due to the fact that the foot is encapsulated, the ducks for the circle don’t register any movement, and so my rot. ducks don’t move if I do a simple linking operation.

i can’t put the rot. layer in the capsule, because I want it to be able to effect the entire stickman when I spin it. Any thoughts on how to make this work?

Also, is there any type of snapping in Synfig? Snapping is extremely useful in Blender.

Oh…and if I don’t get a reply in a day or so, I won’t respond when you do, because I’m going to camp. so…if you see this before then, great! If not, don’t worry about it. I’ll check back…after the end of the summer.

Check the cutout-style tutorial. It shows how to rig a stickman style character. synfig.org/Cut-out_Animation

Also, following that recipe there is a stickman template ready for use in this thread:

Regarding to your specific questions I don’t understad them properly. If you don’t mind, can you explain it a bit more? (maybe it is a language barrel because I’m not English native speaker)


I have looked at the stickman rig, and I’ve built something similar to it. Although I didn’t read it that closely, so I doubt it’s exactly the same.

'k. I guess my explanation wasn’t too clear. Let me try again.

Let’s see…what I want to be able to do is position a rotation layer so that I can use each foot as a pivot point. When I create a rotation layer, the little rotation ducks appear. I want these ducks to “stick” to the bottom of my stickman’s foot. This way. I can rotate his leg, and ducks for the rotation layer will stay with his foot. I can’t link these values normally, however, because of the way the spaces are evaluated. I think.

Here’s the problem…I want the rotation layer to be able to effect the whole stickman. The foot is one encapsulated graphic; a rectangle with a circle at each end. If I put the rotation layer I want at the bottom of the foot inside the foot capsule, it will follow along fine, because the movement of the foot capsule is relative to the movement of the rotation layer controlling the whole foot.

That is, there is a rotation layer that moves just the foot. But the points of the origins of the graphics in the foot don’t change, because they’re encapsulated. At least, I think this is what’s happening. Or, another way, if I put the rotation layer that I want to follow the foot under the rotation layer controlling the foot, it will follow. But then it will only effect the foot.

So here’s what I was hoping to be able to do. If there is a setting somewhere for the “space” that the points are evaluated in, might help with my problem. See, if my (admittedly meager) understanding of Synfig is correct, the graphics in the foot are evaluated according to the “encapsulated space”. So if I move the rotation layer that effects the entire capsule, they don’t register it, because this effects the entire space. If there was a way to tell them to be evaluated in “real” space, their values would register the change…and then if I linked my “following” ducks to them, it would follow properly.

If you still can’t understand my explanation, don’t worry about it…I don’t have any more time to fiddle with this before I go to camp. So I’ll be back in a few months to bug you about this! Thanks for your help.

I think I understand your problem but a sample file would make it easier to understand. Waiting your return, then.

I’m glad I checked back! I leave early tomorrow.

here’s my rig so far…

Have fun playing with it! It’s pretty simple.

Hi, PNG_pyro!

You may want to look at this:
morevnaproject.org/2009/02/21/st … animation/

Also, here’s latest version of stickman template: stickman.sifz (10.4 KB).
You may use it as Public Domain. BTW, reading Genete’s Cutout Tutorial helped very much in the process of building it. ^___^