Rhubarb suport 🙃

Two days ago I made a topic for Margeing papagayo and synfig

● So in my opinion papagayo is not a stable program and it has lots of bugs and problems I it has been a week that iam searching for a way to make papagayo work correctly but there was no result 🥲
But then today I found a program called rhubarb it has alot of features and my only problem with it was the lack of gui but that’s OK it just makes some things a little harder

■ Rhubarb is supported by lot of animation softwares (opentoonz moho adobe Ae) :sunglasses:🤌and it is new and more stable​:muscle: and also it dosent need a duiloge it’s funny that it done the same thing that I did in last topic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:heart: My point is if you can make synfig to suport rhubarb exported formats that would be nice (or maybe you can add it as a plug-in or a tool):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Pretty interesting! Could you suggest in our bugtracker?
Issues · synfig/synfig · GitHub ?


Thanks I posted this in github😉


Hi so few years ago I learned c++ and I saw the synfig was written in c++ too​:open_mouth: so I looked at the sorce and my plan was to look at it and copy paste and modify it so it works with rhubarb :nerd_face:but boy oh boy so I first looked at the canvasinterface.cpp and the pgo part and thought oh that’s only few lines of code that should be ez​:sunglasses: then I looked at the cpp and h files for functions and it was a black hole :hole:after the panic​:scream: attack I went and started making the code by myself :grimacing:and I made something I made it so it works by reading the file in a for loop line by line and pressing the data and converting it to a integer that represents the frame number and a letter for the moth shape​:page_with_curl: so it was kinda complete but the problem is that I don’t know all the functions in synfig libraries​:man_shrugging: and I need two functions one to change a opacity of a group In a certain frame and the other one to make the groups so for now I just put some dummy functions instead of them and also after looking at the source code I appreciate all of your works :star_struck: here is the code and I don’t know if it even helps :rofl:New Folder (1).zip (16.8 KB) and by the way there is a linux binary of the code in the zip too