Reverse SuperSample / Pixelize Effect


I’m looking for a way to reduce the resolution of a layer in a way the “pixelize” filter e.g. in GIMP works. That means that I load an image and can artificially reduce the number of distinct pixels it has, to create a blocky effect.

I have tried isolating the area of the target pixels and blurring the pieces but the results are suboptimal: every “pixel” still contains a bunch of colors, and the larger the blur, the more grey the color gets.

Is there any combination of layers that will create what I’m after?



I’ve been looking for that some time ago without a satisfactory result.
The first you can do is to unset antialiasing in shapes. It would not produce smooth edges when rendering.
Next step would be to work with canvas size and pixel size on Canvas properties. I always get stumped on that and don’t achieve the good results I want.
I wanted that because I wanted to use Synfig Studio to create sprite like images (big pixels) but I failed.

In summary, there is not a “subsample” layer.

Hi Genete,

that is in fact quite unsatisfactory. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about modifying the Super Sample layer to allow this kind of down-sampling but a) I am actually in doubt that is feasible and b) I can’t get synfig to compile on my OS X 10.9.5. :slight_smile:

I have solved my initial problem using a shell script, ImageMagick, and netpbm. I still wish synfig could have done it.



In second summary, could be have a subsample layer :wink:

I have created an issue : … issues/709
Edit : (Even it’s seen to be relatively not easy to accomplish in a vector way …, as Rendering Target is more realistic !)

Also, same topic from inkscape :