reverse animation

Ok. Went through a couple tutorials and got a little animation going and now I’m ready to reverse it :9

Any ideas on how to do this simply and cleanly?

I noticed that i can move keyframe carrots around by clicking and dragging but I got a lot of key frames here to put into reverse order…

  1. Encapsulate all stuff you want to reverse.
  2. Convert the TimeOffSet parameter of the paste canvas to Linear.
  3. Set the Rate subparameter of the Linear to be -1 (one second back per second it passes in the timeline)
  4. Set the OffSet subparameter to be the time when you want to start the animation to reverse in the future.


by negative 1 do you mean -1s ?

and as for the offset , I want the whole animation to play in reverse.
It is only 3 seconds long so would I then type in ‘3s’ ?

I actually built the animation in reverse with the hopes of being able to reverse it in the future.
The animation is very simple and only needs to play in reverse.

If possible I would like to actually just actually cause all the keyframes in this 3 second animation to physically reverse permanently

Thanks Genete
Turns out I didn’t need to convert it to linear.
I tried and tried putting in a whole bunch of options but couldn’t get it to work.
I’m sure that is a cleaner way but too complicated for me O_o

All I did was follow the instructions here

And just animated the Offset as it was without converting it

And the result is attached. The tree now grows. :slight_smile:

Good work in any case!
would a “reverse animation” tutorial be interesting?