reusing animation whitout copying EVERY. SINGLE. WAYPOINT?!

So, I’ve been working on a walking animation for later projects and I’ve noticed that there where A LOT of waypoints just for a couple of steps. And of course I really, really don’t want to spend hours just on copying every single one of these. Please, PLEASE, someone, tell me there’s a faster way to reuse animations?

Sorry, no. It sucks, I know.

It is of course high up in many wishlists so hopefully we can get it in a reasonable time. See this thread, viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5013

You can try grouping all the layers. In the group layer, there is a parameter called canvas, which contain all the waypoints of all the layers in the group. From there, just control select multiple waypoints and shift drag them to reuse the animation.

This is an older thread but for anyone like me, searching through these trying to learn, there is another way to re-use an animation, without copying any waypoints.

  • put all the objects to be re-used in a group.
  • at the beginning of the time line, ensure the “Time Offset” parameter for
    that group has a waypoint setting it to 0.
  • move to the point in the time line where the animation is to be repeated
  • give the “Time offset” parameter a negative value equal to the difference
    between the current time point, and the time point where the animation originally began
  • ensure the wayponit created when the “Time offset” was modified is set to “constant in”

For example:
Say the animation originally begins at 20s and lasts until 30s. Animation is to
be repeated at the 45s mark and run until 65s. At the 45s mark set the
“Time Offset” parameter to the negative value of the current time (=45s) - original start time (=20s) => -25s. So that at the 45s mark, the group
will think the time is 45-25 = 20s and will start all over again.

Maybe you can add this to the wiki as a method of reusing animation using the Time Offset group parameter? As a tip or extra example, for instance…

I’d like to but currently the Wiki is not permitting registration. It’s been reported here:

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Better a section in this page