Reuse Exported ValueNodes between two sif files ?

Is it possible to Reuse Exported ValueNodes between two sif files? the original A.sif file contains the animations keyframes (BounceIn, BounceOut) for which i’ve export the node values (Opacity and ScaleX and ScaleY).

Now with my file B.sif, and when i import the A.sif file, I can play the animation present in the A layer. But my B.sif library does not contain my exported valueNodes from the A.sif file.

Is there a problem? I ried to replicate the steps in this Synfig Wiki how to :, but in vain. No ValueNode is availbale through my B.sif library.

How can i work with the exported valueNodes available throuigh the library of another template SIF file (That contains all the animations to be reused elsewhere) ?
Thank you all!